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More Reproducible Science

Antibodies produced by Display Technologies have their DNA fully cloned that can be transfected or transduced in a variety of different cell lines for manufacturing. The ability to reset the manufacturing at the DNA level means the process is more controlled and the antibody product more reproducible.

Our antibodies are also very specific thanks to our development workflow that allows us to determine the antigen size to a large degree and to control the multiclonality of the antibody. These added controls at the development stage gives quality antibodies that will make your experiments more reproducible.

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Better validation - No OEMs

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Tresars will never OEM, and we will not market 10 different antibodies to a single protein target.

What is OEM, and why will Tresars not do it

OEM allows an antibody vendor to source their antibodies from several smaller suppliers. These antibodies are rebranded with the vendor's own name and catalogue number before sold to end-users. They are also shipped with validation data that were previously provided by the supplier when the OEM was first agreed (data sheets are not updated with every batch/lot)

Suppliers can also sell the same non-functioning antibody to different vendors, which are then all sold under different brands and catalogue numbers.
Think about OEMs when you decide to purchase and try several antibodies from different vendors against one target - they can all be the same antibody!

Tresars does not OEM in or OEM out, and all our antibodies are only sold by us. We also do not sell other supplier antibodies in our catalogue. We take full responsibility of our products when you purchase from us.

All validations that we show on our website have either been done in-house by us or in collaboration with our customers.

Direct conjugation / time saving

Tresars antibodies come directly conjugated to a signal, eliminating the need to use secondary antibodies.

Save both time and energy by removing unnecessary incubation and washing steps, and enter the world of multiplexing. We have made multiplexing much easier because of the direct conjugation of our antibodies to their signal and because of their high specificity characteristics.

No more do researchers have to keep in mind and juggle between different host species and reactivities of primary and secondary to make them compatible in their experiments.

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Ethical, Ecofriendly and Sustainable

We don't use Animals. That brings with it the benefits of a more ethical solution to conduct science, but also all the benefits of freeing up land for potential biodiversity projects instead of keeping farm lands for the production of antibodies.

We also make sure all our antibodies have high affinity to their targets, and so less manufacturing is needed to satisfy the same demand.

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