The Environment Is Our Priority from Development to Shipment

We ship with DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Incoterm which means Tresars takes care of all the shipping fees and import taxes to ensure our clients comfortability and peace of mind.

We Always Ship at Ambient Temperature

In line with our environmentally conscientious efforts, we are shipping antibodies at room temperature to reduce packing material waste.
All antibodies shipped at room temperature are just as active and stable as when shipped on ice. Tested and guaranteed!

Each Tresars antibody is stability tested by exposure to room temperature and 37°C for one week followed by western blot testing to ensure no change in antibody performance.

If you received an antibody at room temperature, rest assured that it has passed stability testing and that the antibody performance is still optimal.

Upon receipt, please store the antibody at +4°C.