We Dared
To imagine
A Different World

Our History

From the beautiful and green remote areas in Sweden, an idea was born and sketched on a small piece of paper. The inventor, a cyclist who was travelling around Europe on his bike looking for work, was keen on a new adventure. Ignorant and naïve to the challenges that lay ahead, a company was formed to tackle the biggest problem in the Life Sciences.

Repeat image Problem The Great Reproducibility Crisis
Cell image Industry Life Sciences
Antibody image Culprit Antibodies

Over the next few months and years, very bright and like-minded individuals with an appetite for risk were recruited to form the super-star team.

And after years of research and development, and after many versions and failures, the company finally pivoted into success with the help of their avid customers.

Together, the idea was taken from paper to reality

Eye image

To put the most powerful research tools in the hands of researchers across the globe regardless of national wealth.

Rocket image

Primary - To develop one antibody to every protein of all species Secondary - To deploy the next generation antibody based proteomics.

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Core values

Bold - To challenge the old and innovate new disruptive science Patient - Failing is not just OK but also celebrated Persistent - Changing science one nucleotide at a time